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T H E    B R A N D    L A G A Ë

LAGAË is a jewelry brand proposing a new way to live with precious metals by rewriting its traditional codes.


A desire : a French jewelry concept, luxurious, contemporary and mostly UNISEX.


The creator, Gaëlle Labérine, decides to imagine an urban jewelry line, combining precious metals with high quality materials that can be worn by both men and women.


Jewelry for Her, Him, all of us, in a period when identity rhymes with character and where free will plays it largest role.

Original Jewels with a strong identity made for today’s men and women.


LAGAË imposes a unique and refined style, minimalist and timeless reflecting the identity of its creator while preserving the French craft expertise.


This is also in the family workshop in Toulouse that her collection was born. Handmade in France, designed in Paris and  manufactured in Toulouse.


Gaëlle works to design elegant and graphic jewels, outspoken with a touch of Rock n’roll without hesitating to play with gold colors and finishes.


She is combining precious metals with French luxurious leather handmade in prestigious workshop. An audacious crossbreeding reflecting the brand.


She dares raw materials honoring shot of pure gold (24 carats), as a tribute to the origins of jewelry.


Her inspirations come from her meetings, her artistic skills and her cultural surrounding.


The name LAGAË is also the combination of the first letters of his name and first name. Her signature arrives as an obviousness with the e-umlaut she wears since her birth …


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